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All the old page updates I don't have the heart to delete entirely.

Once news is no longer new and exciting enough to make it to the front page, it ends up here! I think of it as a little timeline of highlights.

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What I'm up to these days

(Originally from fall 2021)

We're Back!

The Boston Globe celebrates the return of community Theatre

Quannapowitt Players' production of Romeo and Juliet was highlighted in a recent article in the Boston Globe exploring the effect of the pandemic on local theatres. Photo by Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe.


New Certification!

Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors

I spent three weeks this summer at the National Stage Combat Workshop in Ruston, Louisiana getting my certification as an Actor Combatant in unarmed, rapier & dagger, and broadsword! I was also able to take classes and workshops in motion capture technology, fighting multiple opponents on stage, knife, and quarterstaff.

I Got A Promotion!

Lead Actor at Ghosts and Gravestones

I get to spend another season lurking around Boston's graveyards and other haunted places, telling stories and introducing people to the spookier side of Boston history! Recently I was promoted to Lead Actor at G&G, which means I get to manage tours in the evening to keep the night running smoothly and help train the newest ghosts who join our team!

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Photo Gallery

Originally from spring 2021

Pirates of Penzance

Yorick Ensemble

The cast (and one-woman band!) of Yorick Ensemble's Pirates of Penzance. I served as assistant director, actor, and violence designer on this show, Yorick Ensemble's debut! Photo by Toni Telepman.


The Tempest

Wayland High School Theatre Ensemble

I got to be assistant director and fight choreographer on this outdoor, masked, and socially distant pandemic production.

The Stand-Ins

Quannapowitt Players

My regional directing debut! QP annually produces its new work festival Suburban Holidays every winter, providing opportunities for local actors, directors, and playwrights to celebrate the holidays with fun and creativity.

Archive: Projects
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